Undergraduate Reports

2014 Project: A GUI for Visualization and Preparing GCM Data for Use in SWAT

Student Team: Christopher Evans, Abigail Gartrell, Lauren Gomez, Moise Mouyebe., and Darius Oxley


2015 Project: Assessing Decadal Climate Impacts on Water Resources within Missouri River Sub-Basins                                                                                                        

 Student Team: Christopher Evans, Abigail Gartrell, Lauren Gomez, Moise Mouyebe, and Darius Oxley


2016 Project: Using Historical Data for Retrospective Prediction of Rainfall In the Midwest

Student Team: Ephraim Alfa, Huiyi Chen, Kristen Hansen, and Mathew Prindle


Project: Enhanced Data Exploration and Visualization Tool for Large Spatio-Temporal Climate Data

Student Team: Ethan Crasto, Sydney Kahmann, Paula Rodriguez, and Benjamin Smith


Project: Dimensionality Reduction Using Sliced Inverse Regression in Modeling Large Climate Data

Student Team: Ross Flieger-Allison, Lois Miller, Danielle Sykes, and Pablo Valle